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The much anticipated release of our 3rd textbook is here!

Dr. Ma’s Neurologic Dry Needling© (NDN) is the first book presenting a neuroscience-based dry needling approach for pain management, physical rehabilitation and sports medicine.

Neurologic Dry Needling systemically targets peripheral neurogenic sensitivity to reduce neurologic burdens, optimize neurologic capability, improve neuro-immune function, and maximize systemic homeostasis to achieve the best clinical results.

  • Using the peripheral nervous system as a guideline for evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of soft tissue pain and dysfunction.
  • Presenting revolutionary techniques as transition from needling the points to needling the nervous system.
  • Simultaneously restoring  physiological and biomechanical homeostasis.
  • Integrating different dry needling models, including the nerve block approach.
  • Explaining needling mechanisms from microcirculation to neurochemistry.
  • Offering Standard Systemic Treatment Protocol that can be individualized to fit each patient.

Book - Neurologic Dry NeedlingEvaluating peripheral neurosensitization for prognosis of treatment for pain patients.


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