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[LIN Guo-hua's experience in treating dry eye syndrome with Lingnan fire needling].

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[LIN Guo-hua’s experience in treating dry eye syndrome with Lingnan fire needling].

Zhongguo Zhen Jiu. 2019 Sep 12;39(9):983-6

Authors: Li JH, Ruan WJ, Li QL, Liu K, Ou YF, Lin GH

Professor LIN Guo-hua is the representative inheritor of Lingnan fire needling therapy. He proposed that the clinical application of Lingnan fire needling is mainly based on pattern differentiation according to eight priciples, as well as in coordination with the theories of meridians and zang-fu organs. He believes that dry eye syndrome can be treated from the aspects of deficiency of liver and kidney, heart yin deficiency, and qi and yin deficiency. Through deeply digging the connotation of ancient classics, and combined his clinical practice using Lingnan fire needling, professor LIN created a unique therapy that select “Neichengqi”as the main acupoint combined with Xialeidian, Dagukong (EX-UE 5), Xiaogukong (EX-UE 6) and Shaoze (SI 1) in the treatment of dry eye syndrome. In this paper, from the etiology and pathogenesis of dry eye syndrome and therapeutic characteristics of Lingnan fire needling, the thoughts of syndrome differentiation and characteristics of acupoints selection of professor LIN were analyzed by a typical case, and it is expect to enrich the clinical treatment plan for dry eye syndrome.

PMID: 31544388 [PubMed – in process]


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