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Kentucky’s Attorney General Supports Dry Needling Practice

Kentucky Dry Needling Attorney General's Opionon
Kentucky Attorney General’s Opionon


September 3rd, 2013: Kentucky’s Attorney General supports the 2010 Opinion and Declaratory Ruling of the Kentucky Board of Physical Therapy that the practice of “dry needling” is within the scope of practice of physical therapy.

The Acupuncture Advisory Board and the Kentucky State Acupuncture Association expressed concern to the Attorney General that physical therapists are not adequately trained or skilled compared to acupuncturists to safely perform dry needling. The Attorney General response stated:

We trust, however, that the public health will be adequately protected by the Board of Physical Therapy’s position that a physical therapist performing “dry needling” must have sufficient training and competence in this procedure.

The AG went on to encourage the PT Board to established fixed education and safety standards for the practice of “dry needling” by physical therapists in Kentucky.

View the Attorney General’s full opinion (PDF)


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