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[Comments on the definition of "acupuncture science"].

[Comments on the definition of “acupuncture science”].

Zhongguo Zhen Jiu. 2017 Dec 12;37(12):1333-6

Authors: Wang F

The experts in China believe that the substance of “dry needling” is in the category of acupuncture therapy for the treatment by needle inserting the human body. But, its recognition has not been implied from the definition of “acupuncture science”. Since 1970 s, the different definitions of it are closely related to TCM theories, due to which, it has been limited. This flaw restricts the development of acupuncture theory, narrows the connotation of acupuncture science and goes against the communication of traditional Chinese acupuncture theory. No matter regarding the theory or technique, the acupuncture therapy nowadays changes greatly in its connotation. Rather than guided by TCM theories, acupuncture therapy mainly includes the nerve trunk stimulation theory, the cerebral function orientation therapy, biological holographic therapy, fascia stimulation therapy and trigger therapy, etc. Expect that the medical devices used in these therapies are same as the traditional acupuncture, these methods cannot be regarded in the category of acupuncture science when the current definition of it is considered. Hence, the writer is trying to define “acupuncture science” as: acupuncture science refers to the science for the methodology and mechanism of therapeutic devices, e.g. acupuncture therapy and moxibustion therapy, for the prevention and treatment of disease by stimulating the body, and its theory includes but not limits in traditional Chinese medical theory.

PMID: 29355001 [PubMed – in process]


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