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The 4th Generation of Dry Needling

We describe our Integrative Dry Needling (IDN) courses as the 4th generation of dry needling because IDN represents the progression of dry needling theory and clinical application. Let me explain.

The 1st generation of dry needling is based on the work of Dr. Janet Travell, MD.  Her work introduced the myofascial trigger point model, which is still used today by many practitioners.

The 2nd generation of dry needling is based on the work of Dr. C.C. Gunn, MD.  He introduced the neurosegmental (radiculopathy) model that emphasizes the segmental relationship between the peripheral nervous system and distal soft tissue pain and dysfunction.

The 3rd generation of dry needling is based on the work of Dr. Dung and Dr. Ma.  They described a systemic view of neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction in a familiar biomedical framework.  The 3rd generation does not have the limitations of the myofascial trigger point paradigm and further expands the neurosegmental model.  A unique aspect is our Quantitative Sensory Analysis (QSA), which is a tool to determine the efficacy of dry needling based on the sensitization of the nervous system.

The 4th generation of dry needling acknowledges the brilliant work of our predecessors and expands this work by integrating modern day manual therapy and other modalities in a standardized, reproducible and predictable model.  IDN is not limited by old dogma, or paradigms and is not a protocol driven treatment model.  We promote and encourage students to create their own style and approach by incorporating dry needling into their existing skill set.  The art and science of Integrative Dry Needling continues to generate new thoughts and techniques that keep the concept expanding.

We welcome you to attend a course and learn first-hand how we are leading the way into the next generation of dry needling.


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